Fantasy Graveyard Scene Finished!

With this post I declare the scene actually, properly finished. It was hard drawing a close to this project, and as any artist knows there are dozens of things I could spend hours tweaking until they are just right, but at the same time there’s also the insatiable itch of wanting to move on to […]

Fantasy Graveyard Scene. Now New and Improved!

OK, so first things first. Guess I need to get used to not calling things complete so quick on here. I wasn’t considering it final, certainly not before I had let it free and had a chance to gather all that valuable feedback, but that unfortunate choice of words for the post title certainly left […]

Got Wood…

The feedback I have received so far on the scene has been almost exclusively positive. I have begun working on my improvements that will hopefully quash the few criticism people did have with the piece. The first (and largest) area for improvement I have decided to tackle is the space behind the graveyard railing. The […]

Completed Fantasy Graveyard Mini Scene!

My Fantasy Graveyard Mini Scene is complete and assembled in Maromoset Toolbag! First up a video turntable of the scene, be sure to watch in HD! Click through to see some high-resolution (better compression) still shots.


Cart Wheel

Finally got the wagon wheel textured up, It took a little longer because of some remodelling I did to optimise the model after texturing it the first time. I took some work examples along with me to the Eurogamer Expo in London last Friday, with the expo’s Careers Fair in mind. I was able to […]

A Rambling Rose is Born

The weekend away put a little blip into progress on the rose, but I have now polished off every piece of it. I ended up settling for trying to make the rose itself as modular as possible, that way I can use each part in a different way over and over in any shape rose […]

Railings and Roses

Here is the railing prop all skinned up nicely. This marks my first foray into the fantasy stylised texturing technique popular in a number of indie games, and of course widely used by Blizzard. A very enjoyable experience, a lot more involving than the heavily referenced realistic style I am used to workign with on […]

My First Steps Into Sculpting!

So I have spent the last few days finally getting my first taste of proper sculpting. I have dabbled in it before, but never really used it in any significant way during the production of any of my previous art. While I dip my toes into this pool I am planning on realising all the […]