Fantasy Graveyard Scene Finished!

With this post I declare the scene actually, properly finished. It was hard drawing a close to this project, and as any artist knows there are dozens of things I could spend hours tweaking until they are just right, but at the same time there’s also the insatiable itch of wanting to move on to […]

Coffin Cart

The feedback garnered from my last update was that the forest area behind the fence was a great addition, so good in fact it also out-shadows the front area of the scene. In an effort to balance this out I am doing another (hopefully final) pass to the front area. I hope to deepen the […]

Fantasy Graveyard Scene. Now New and Improved!

OK, so first things first. Guess I need to get used to not calling things complete so quick on here. I wasn’t considering it final, certainly not before I had let it free and had a chance to gather all that valuable feedback, but that unfortunate choice of words for the post title certainly left […]

Hand Painted Textures

So the mini scene is very nearly complete, I should be putting the finishing touches to it tomorrow now. I decided to take my concept a little bit further, originally it was my intention to place all my completed props atop a grass covered mound, but that seemed a little boring the more I worked […]