Hand Painted Textures

So the mini scene is very nearly complete, I should be putting the finishing touches to it tomorrow now. I decided to take my concept a little bit further, originally it was my intention to place all my completed props atop a grass covered mound, but that seemed a little boring the more I worked with it. The final mini scene now has a little more implied narrative attached to it, and is a much stronger piece for it in my opinion.

Here are a couple of the materials I have completed for the scene. Click through to see a breakdown of each material.

Graveyard Hand Painted Textures Dirt and Grass

Graveyard Materials Dirt and Grass Marmoset Render

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Cart Wheel

Finally got the wagon wheel textured up, It took a little longer because of some remodelling I did to optimise the model after texturing it the first time. I took some work examples along with me to the Eurogamer Expo in London last Friday, with the expo’s Careers Fair in mind. I was able to sit down with The Creative Assembly’s lead artist Kevin McDowell who was very cool, and gave me some good advice for my portfolio and workflow, hence the optimisations of the cartwheel. In short I cut the wheel from 1,488 triangles down to 920 which is a big improvement without much of an impact on it’s overall appearance.

Cart Wheel Prop

Textured Cart Wheel Prop

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A Rambling Rose is Born

The weekend away put a little blip into progress on the rose, but I have now polished off every piece of it. I ended up settling for trying to make the rose itself as modular as possible, that way I can use each part in a different way over and over in any shape rose bush I made want to add to the scene. All the flower copenents were high-poly modelled (as shown in my last update to the railings), the rest was painted by hand in photoshop and arranged in 3ds Max.

Graveyard Rose Prop

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The Eden Project

I had a few days off over the weekend to visit the Eden Project down in Cornwall. It’s somewhere I have wanted to go since it opened,I’ve found the Terra-forming ideas behind the project extremely interesting from a Sci-Fi perspective. The project was just as impressive up close and personal invoking feelings of Bioshock’s garden areas and an old point-and-click adventure game I played many years ago called Biosys.

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Railings and Roses

Here is the railing prop all skinned up nicely. This marks my first foray into the fantasy stylised texturing technique popular in a number of indie games, and of course widely used by Blizzard. A very enjoyable experience, a lot more involving than the heavily referenced realistic style I am used to workign with on props for Black Mesa. As with the sculpting first attempt, there is space left for improvement here too. I feel I may need some extra fine detail, though I quite like the more generalistic approach I’ve given it so far. All maps are 512*512.

Graveyard Railing Prop Skinned

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My First Steps Into Sculpting!

So I have spent the last few days finally getting my first taste of proper sculpting. I have dabbled in it before, but never really used it in any significant way during  the production of  any of my previous art. While I dip my toes into this pool I am planning on realising all the assets I create in a small fantasy-gothic graveyard scene, partly inspired by Games Workshops recent Garden of Moor scenery.

So here it is, my first ever truly sculpted prop, at the moment it’s just the low poly bake rendered with it’s Normal and AO:

Graveyard Railing Lo-Poly Normal and AO

It Begins…

So, this is an idea I have played with on and off for a long time now. I’ve never been positive I would have the patience and stamina to keep something like this going, let alone the challenge of keeping it (maybe) interesting to anyone who ventures over to read it. But having finished my university degree,  and at the present having a little more time on my hands, I decided that now could be the best chance I get to really give it a go.

I hope to provide regular updates of  anything and everything I’m working on,  as well somewhere I can show of bit’s that have either been superseded by better work in my portfolio or never made the cut. Another part of the plan is to share tips and tricks and insight’s into my workflow that I have developed myself over the years.

So sit tight, I hope to actually put something pretty up in the next day or two, and then I’ll see if I can’t keep this thing alive for a month or two.