The Eden Project

I had a few days off over the weekend to visit the Eden Project down in Cornwall. It’s somewhere I have wanted to go since it opened,I’ve found the Terra-forming ideas behind the project extremely interesting from a Sci-Fi perspective. The project was just as impressive up close and personal invoking feelings of Bioshock’s garden areas and an old point-and-click adventure game I played many years ago called Biosys.

It was a pretty cool game where you as the player trapped inside this Biosphere complex and has to find his way out, in true point-and-click fashion this was achieved through gameplay that involved exploration and solving puzzles. The coolest part of the game was how it gave you control over the climate inside each Biosphere, it was possible for the player to kill off the plants, and every adjustment had a visual effect on the game.

I’ve taken a few texture reference photo’s from around the project, a large number from the tropical Biosphere, and will endeavour to get them uploaded on this blog somewhere once I’ve gone through them.

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