Postcards of Skyrim

Skyrim has been a massive hit on productivity of late, it’s just too good. The time I have spent “playing” the game “properly”, is probably easily balanced by time I’ve spent just inside the world taking in the environment though. I think artistically the world they have created is much stronger than Oblivion, which whilst it had different environments in the world, the changes were very subtle. In Skyrim on the other hand you can walk from open sparse tundra to frozen mountain peaks and on into dense pine forests all within 20 minutes. This makes exploration so much more rewarding, and I have found myself less tempted to use fast travel as the journeys between objectives are actually enjoyable.

As such, these qualities in the game have spurred the photographer in me to feel compelled to record these sights in screen shots.  I set about tweaking the game in accordance with numerous guides available around the net to squeeze the most I could out of the game and into these screenshots. Once I felt I’d pulled as much potential out of the engine as possible, (with my game remaining playable), I set about taking my screenshots as I played and explored. These are mostly for my own amusement, but I have also decided to share them here.

I may post any more shots I take during my play. And I am forcing myself away from it today in the hopes of finishing the rose tutorial which feels long overdue at this stage. There’s plenty more shots to see if you click through.

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