Fantasy Graveyard Scene Finished!

With this post I declare the scene actually, properly finished. It was hard drawing a close to this project, and as any artist knows there are dozens of things I could spend hours tweaking until they are just right, but at the same time there’s also the insatiable itch of wanting to move on to a new project, and new challenges.

This update brings a whole host of new detail to the front half of the scene. The narrative is fleshed out with the use of the cart and the mound of earth from the open grave. I also put some time into increasing the atmosphere by increasing the contrast in the lighting and adding a 2d backdrop to help set the mood. I also modelled out a quick separate rock model that I used to add some three dimensional detail to the exposed earth all over the scene, especially in the cut-through at the back.

There are plenty of images over on my portfolio: Graveyard Scene In the next few days I hope to write up an article or two of sorts that explain some of my workflow in creating this scene in more detail.

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