Fantasy Graveyard Scene. Now New and Improved!

OK, so first things first. Guess I need to get used to not calling things complete so quick on here. I wasn’t considering it final, certainly not before I had let it free and had a chance to gather all that valuable feedback, but that unfortunate choice of words for the post title certainly left me stuck for this update.

So here is the update! I spent the last week working like mad on all the new foliage pieces I’ve added. The largest part of the work is visible behind the railings, but when you compare these shots with the last lot you can also see just how much I have done to the front area too. Nearly every asset has got another pass of love. Most of this work was done to bring a greater sense of unity to my colour pallet, I felt things contrasted a bit too much before. A lot of props before were also very monochrome as I had pointed out to me, so this was a chance to remedy that too.

I think it’s a stronger piece for the extra work, let’s hope you do too. There’s some high-resolution stills after the break as before. I’ll wait and see what sort of reaction this update gets, make any suggested changes and then I’ll set to work on a portfolio page for it.

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