Got Wood…

The feedback I have received so far on the scene has been almost exclusively positive. I have begun working on my improvements that will hopefully quash the few criticism people did have with the piece. The first (and largest) area for improvement I have decided to tackle is the space behind the graveyard railing. The criticism was there wasn’t enough interesting stuff to look at during the time this part of the scene took up in the turntable video. I have decided I will remedy this by creating a small patch of scrubby woodland floor. It’s going to feature mushrooms, dead wood and bracken to hopefully liven up the space.

Up first is a set of tree bits, a couple of stumps and a log. They all share a 512*512 map, diffuse normal specular and gloss, and come in at 256, 966 and 646 triangles respectively (left to right). Click through to see some wip/breakdown shots.

graveyard tree stumps log lowpoly

Marmoset render of the lowpoly textured Tree Bits

graveyard tree stumps log wires

Wireframe shot of the lowpoly tree bits

graveyard tree stumps log mudbox highpoly

The highpoly sculpts in Mudbox

graveyard tree stumps log hand painted textures

The hand painted texture for the tree bits.


These were a real challenge to get to a stage I was happy with, I spent a lot of time at each step of the process testing new ideas and really pushing my workflow. The complex organic shapes were the first time I’ve ever needed to do any serious re-topology work. So far most of my stuff has been fairly geometric which lends itself to very quick low poly modelling. The flowing organic shapes of these pieces meant I had to employ some extra steps to my usual workflow to capture their from properly. In my University work I briefly used a handy max script called Max Retopo, it’s a free to download tool that helps with the retopology process by simply snapping the vertices of your lowpoly mesh to the surface of your highpoly as you drag them around inside Max. I found it worked best when first constructing a roughly accurate lowpoly mesh around the highpoly, and then activating the script to do the final positioning. you can grab Max Retopo for yourself here.

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