Completed Fantasy Graveyard Mini Scene!

My Fantasy Graveyard Mini Scene is complete and assembled in Maromoset Toolbag! First up a video turntable of the scene, be sure to watch in HD! Click through to see some high-resolution (better compression) still shots.

I have posted this in a couple of places around the game art communities for feedback, then I will do any polishing necessary and sort out a page for it on my portfolio.
Polycount Thread
Mapcore Thread

I’m extremely pleased with how this turned out seeing as it covered so many firsts; first time using Sculpting software in my pipeline, first time doing fantasy hand-painted textures and my first time working with the Marmoset Toolbag which is a great tool and I’ll certainly purchase a License after this experience. Just during the 3 weeks spent working on this piece I have noticed my abilities in both hand painting textures and sculpting improve, there’s still a lot to learn of course and I’m looking forward to where this style will lead me. This was just a taster to cut my teeth and to help decide on where I want to take these assets. I am pretty excited to start working on the full environment now, but first I have some Black Mesa work that needs attending too, so the real work on this will have to wait.

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