Hand Painted Textures

So the mini scene is very nearly complete, I should be putting the finishing touches to it tomorrow now. I decided to take my concept a little bit further, originally it was my intention to place all my completed props atop a grass covered mound, but that seemed a little boring the more I worked with it. The final mini scene now has a little more implied narrative attached to it, and is a much stronger piece for it in my opinion.

Here are a couple of the materials I have completed for the scene. Click through to see a breakdown of each material.

Graveyard Hand Painted Textures Dirt and Grass

Graveyard Materials Dirt and Grass Marmoset Render

Each material consists of Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Gloss (in the specular Alpha) maps at 512 square each. The dirt texture was baked down from a Mudbox high-poly sculpt, whilst the grass texture was assembled using planes and rendered out of 3ds Max.

Graveyard Hand Painted Textures Breakdown

Grass and Dirt Textures Breakdown

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