Cart Wheel

Finally got the wagon wheel textured up, It took a little longer because of some remodelling I did to optimise the model after texturing it the first time. I took some work examples along with me to the Eurogamer Expo in London last Friday, with the expo’s Careers Fair in mind. I was able to sit down with The Creative Assembly’s lead artist Kevin McDowell who was very cool, and gave me some good advice for my portfolio and workflow, hence the optimisations of the cartwheel. In short I cut the wheel from 1,488 triangles down to 920 which is a big improvement without much of an impact on it’s overall appearance.

Cart Wheel Prop

Textured Cart Wheel Prop

Cart Wheel Mudbox Sculpt

Cart Wheel Mudbox Sculpt

I am now working on some grass to complete a mini scene, which will help set the mood for the larger scene, as well as serve as a temporary portfolio piece while I work on the larger scene.

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