About Me:



Name - Mark Foreman
Location - Warsaw, Poland
Status - Environment Artist at CDProjekt Red


I graduated from a course in Computer Games Technology at the University of Portsmouth in July, with First Class Honours and an award for best student from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. I am now looking for Employment in the computer games industry as a 3D artist.

I am experienced in working with both Valve's Source engine and Epics Unreal Development Kit. My knowledge covers the creation and importing of assets, working with textures and materials as well as using the level editors to create environments along with lighting, sound, effects and post processing. I am very capable at learning new tool-sets and methods quickly and efficiently.

The time I have spent studying at University and working on Modís means I am experienced in working effectively as part of a team, I would view myself as a well-rounded individual who is able to communicate ideas effectively.

I am driven by challenge, and the opportunity to learn from the inspiring people I have worked with, and hope to work with in the future.


- Photoshop

- 3DS Max

- Source SDK

- Epic UDK

- Mudbox

- Crazybump

- nDo2


- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Specialist Environmental Artist

- Black Mesa - 2D & 3D Art, Effects & Animation


First Class Honours - University of Portsmouth

- Computer Games Technology
- Awarded Sony Prize for Best Student

A Level - Farnborough Sixth Form

- Computing: B
- Fine Art: C

AS Level

- Photography: A

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